Brighton Mutebuka

Brighton Mutebuka, renowned sports lawyer in Leeds, is an avid sports fan. He has followed sport in all its forms & dedicated himself in helping players with the legal proceedings. He is registered as a Legal Practitioner with the Law Society of Zimbabwe and as a Solicitor with the Law Society of England and Wales as well as the Solicitors' Regulatory Authority.

Brighton is also registered by the Office of the Immigration Services' Commissioner (OISC) as a Level 3 Immigration Expert. He has got a law degree from the University of Zimbabwe, a Masters' Degree from the University of Leeds and will shortly be completing his Post Graduate Certificate in Sports Law with De Montfort University in Leicester in collaboration with the British Association of Sports Law (BASL). He is registered with the Football Association in England as an Intermediary.

He has got extensive contacts in the sporting sector and is committed to ensuring that ultimately, sports pays and rewards those who make sacrifices to reach to the top. From his Leeds base, he is committed to building an intricate, global oriented sports law firm spreading its tentacles across all sporting disciplines covering drafting contracts, Constitutions / Articles of Association and Consultancy involving individual Athletes and Sports Governing Bodies in Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Athletics and other areas.