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    Abridging gap between client and organisation, Pistles Mantons provides all sorts of veteran sports related disciplinary proceedings in UK & abroad as a part & parcel of our services ensuring qualified legal administration of all legal matters in hand working for the best interest of both parties. We have a base of licensed professional sports Lawyers to tackle all and every form of disciplinary measures.

    As a part of the service module, we also provide athlete or sports body representation and consultation benefits in accordance to the terms prior set through contracts drafting. Our services can be availed by both individual sportsperson and Sports Governing Bodies.

    What Exactly is Disciplinary Proceedings?

    This can be termed as a part of legal services that ensures honest and fair proceedings are being practiced keeping the integrity of the career in mind. This is essential to maintain orderly functioning of the individual or group which would facilitate healthy practice and just treatment. Discipline related strategies conform to the athlete or the sports body and their procedures both on and off field.

    What We Do?

    Our disciplinary proceedings encircle comprehensive services working in beneficial terms for both the organization and the sports members affiliated to it. Some of them are -

    • Ensuring the strategies conform to the code of conduct
    • Obtainment of just and fair behavioral treatment pertaining to both team
    • Dispute settlement without hampering the morality of the sport
    • Protection against falsely raised statements & adopting unfair means
    • Protection against deliberate damage of property
    • Misuse of image name or organization name for degrading purposes

    Our Round of Services Also Provide -

    • Insurance on sport related injuries
    • Obtaining Visa and other legal proceedings to UK (for international clientele)
    • Control and maintenance of media exposure

    But What Makes Us Stand Out?

    Apart from the essential discipline handling for the represented client, we also provide guidance relating to any sports related matter. We have gathered a base of certified consultants who work by your side to provide you excellent consultation facilities so that you as our client know what’s best for your interest.

    Please contact us for a more detailed account of what our services entail.