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    At Pistles Mantons, all endeavors pertaining to legal ventures are provided a concrete skeleton through sports related contracts drafting in UK where we ensure sound drafting of contracts in accordance to the terms presented by both the parties, reflecting the best interest of the collaboration.

    This service genre served by us also incorporates off-field activities such as image or broadcasting rights. However, this is not limited to individual athletes only but also to any Sports Governing Bodies, Commercial Entities & even Corporate Bodies like Media for instance.

    Why Contracts Drafting Important?

    Why is this utmost necessary? Laws conform to every sector of life and when you join hands with a reputed authority, a list of norms, regulations or terms are presented by both the parties confirming benefits for both. Contracts are thus presented in which terms promised by both teams are solidified into a context, signed and agreed upon by both.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our procedural enlists accurate rules and regulations for both the parties in detail, representing the individual or the sports body conforming to the presented document. Our drafting of the pact includes sections relating to

    • The obligations and duties to be fulfilled by both parties
    •  Compensation amounts for both parties listing compensable provisions & conditions
    • Bonus retrieval procedures on events of mentioned sorts along with bonus percentages
    • Expenses incurred on or during an event where both parties are concerned
    •  Termination of the contract- the terms or case scenarios for application of termination
    • Renewing possibilities for the documents as and when required by both the parties
    • Dispute settlement on and during an ongoing event- the listed process, compensation & strategy. 

    Our Exclusive Service Section

    Apart from the on-field and event bindings, we also cover image protection and broadcasting right maintenance where Media exposure as a part of our contract services will detail terms in benefit for the athlete & authorising body.

    We thus provide an all-inclusive contracts drafting facility where all the nitty-gritty of legal prosecution will be diligently handled by us. To know more about our contract drafting services, drop us an enquiry mail and we promise to get back to you.